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Toothpaste without fluoride

Zahnpasta mit Fluorid

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on a toothpaste tube? In most commercially available products there is often an active ingredient called sodium fluoride between water, glycerin and aromatic plant extracts. This should strengthen the enamel and prevent caries. Nevertheless, there are situations in which it can make sense to use a toothpaste without fluoride. Read on to learn more about the use of this ingredient in dental care and when an alternative could be attached without fluoride.

What function have fluorides in toothpaste?

Fluorides are chemical compounds of river acid. In the context of toothpaste, this often refers to the trace element sodium fluoride, a color and odorless solid. Other common fluorides in toothpastes are aminfluoride and sodium monofluorphosphate.

Fluoride plays a crucial role in dental health because it mineralizes and makes the enamel mineral. It also has antibacterial properties. Fluoride is not decisive for cleaning the teeth. Manufacturers of fluoride -free tooth creams use alternative substances to strengthen the teeth.

It is important to know that sodium fluoride is not only contained in toothpaste, but also occurs in food salt, drinking water and many foods, either naturally or as an additive.

Reasons for the use of toothpaste without fluoride

Although fluoride is advantageous for dental health, there are situations in which the absence of fluoride in dental care products can make sense. These reasons could be:

1. Avoidance of overdose: Since toothpaste is only used in small quantities, a harmful overdose of fluoride is practically excluded. Nevertheless, avoiding fluoride can be an additional safety measure.

2. Natural products: Many organic and vegan tooth creams not only do without fluoride, but also other chemical additives. These products can be a more environmentally friendly alternative.

3. Nutrition without sugar: With low -sugar diet and careful dental care, saliva can be sufficient to remove the tooth enamel. In this case, fluoride may not be necessary.

4. Homeopathy: For people who prefer alternative medicine and want to avoid chemical components such as fluoride, fluoride -free products can be an option.

Which toothpaste without fluoride is there in stores?

Some manufacturers already offer toothpaste without fluoride, which instead contains hydroxylapatite, a calcium phosphate salt. These products should strengthen the tooth enamel similar to fluoride. Alternatively, the sugar alcohol xylitol is often used as a replacement that inhibits the formation of lactic acid.

Toothpaste without fluoride often contains zinc for its disinfectant effects and as a plaster body sludge creema or pebble earth. Natural plant extracts and minerals can replace conventional ingredients in many products.

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Toothpaste with or without fluoride

There are various reasons why you could choose toothpaste without fluoride. These products offer alternative ways to dental care and can be advantageous in certain situations. Regardless of the chosen toothpaste, regular and thorough oral hygiene is crucial for the preservation of dental health.

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