BEN&ANNA Love Soaps: A feast for your body

by admin on May 26, 2021

BEN&ANNA Love Soaps: Ein Fest für deinen Körper
Natural care has got a new name at BEN&ANNA, and that in series. Our new L-O-V-E soaps do without anything superfluous and only use ingredients of natural origin. We are just as consistent when it comes to packaging and avoiding waste. Love soaps are packed exclusively in paper - plastic "does not get into our bags". This is how you get closer to the goal of "zero waste" in the bathroom and in your body care - just like us. For natural cosmetics without compromise With the new Love Soap series, we want to prove that individual body and hair care can be completely dispensed with plastic. What we do not want to do without, however, are care products that not only appear natural, but also work as desired and are equally pleasant and easy to use. Our Love Soaps are solid soaps and, like all BEN&ANNA products, are completely vegan and certified as natural cosmetics. Designed as a hexagon, each soap sits comfortably in the hand and lasts for a longer period of time. And they are also a colorful "eye-catcher" in every bathroom. A natural fragrance, as individual as you are Our refreshingly new quartet was developed or combined for different applications: for a relaxed shower experience, for naturally effective hair care, as a pure shampoo, shower & shampoo combination or as a conditioner. Easy to apply or comb. You can choose different ingredients and scents according to your natural preferences. Whether lemongrass, oriental magic, very berry or elms wood - fruity, berry, enchanting or spicy. In any case, you have the choice! Natural care starts with love: All you need is L-O-V-E. Sustainability and a "zero waste" philosophy are not a trend for us, but a program. Our new love soaps also combine everything that is particularly important to us: on the one hand, avoiding plastics and questionable ingredients; on the other hand, to promote natural care that protects our environment and does justice to your individuality. In this case, with our solid soap, you have it practically in your own hands day after day to walk this path together with us. And you will feel it, you will love it: All you need is L-O-V-E. to the products