by admin on Aug 20, 2021

Dear Customers,
I'm sure you've already heard about the chaos in the global transport supply chains. Unfortunately, it has now hit us too and the paper tube packaging we ordered for our "Persian Lime" and "Indian Mandarin" deodorant varieties will only reach us with major delays, despite careful planning. For this reason we have tried to work out the best possible solution for you and us:
In order to protect our environment and our resources, we at BEN&ANNA consistently focus on sustainability. That's why we came up with the idea of putting the affected deodorant favorites in a new guise of originally overproduced outer packaging of other types and relabeling them accordingly - in order to get one step closer to our goal of living as sustainably and waste-free as possible.
The planned packaging and label changes in detail:
  • The "Persian Lime" variety is packaged with the "Pink Grapefruit" paper tube
  • The "Indian Mandarin" variety is packaged with the "Pure" paper tube
  • Both varieties are relabeled accordingly on the outside
  • The outer labels are supplemented by the following additional information:
    ­„Our goal: LESS WASTE Instead of ending up in the trash can, our overproduction of outer packaging will be relabeled!" (vorne)
    "Our goal: LESS WASTE Instead of ending up in the garbage, our overproduction of outer packaging is relabeled!" (back)
    You can get a first visual impression from the following photos:

    Since the environment and our customers are equally important to us, we hope that we have found a good solution with this relabel campaign.
    Alternatively, we can offer you the variety "Persian Lime" also offer the deodorant can.
    Of course we are at your disposal for questions and feedback.