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Gift for Valentine's Day for women

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Do it yourself instructions for your Valentine's Day gift


  • An empty glass (e.g. jam glass or mason jar)
  • Old love letters or notes
  • Transparent paper or tissue paper in different colors
  • Craft glue
  • Paint brush
  • A cord or band
  • LED tea lights or solar lights
  • Heart -shaped stickers or cardboard

Step 1: Place the feeling of emotions
Take old love letters or write sweet notes on colorful pieces of paper. Fold the news carefully and place them in an empty glass. This becomes the emotional basis for your gift.

Step 2: Decorate the glass
Paint the glass with craft glue and attach transparent paper or tissue paper in different colors. Let your creativity flow! You can also cut out small hearts or romantic messages and glue them on the glass.

Step 3: A heart for the light
Cutting cardboard or using heart -shaped stickers to make hearts. Place it around the upper edge of the glass so that you gently frame the light.

Step 4: establish the connection
Tie a cord or a tape around the neck of the glass and make a pretty bow. This not only serves as a decoration, but also makes it possible to hang up the glass.

Step 5: Bring the light into the dark
Use an LED tea light or a solar light into the glass. Make sure that it is securely attached. Turn on the light to create a romantic shine.

Step 6: Give away with love
Present your homemade love light with pride! The personal element of the old love letters in combination with the warm light creates a romantic atmosphere that certainly makes hearts beat faster.

This DIY gift is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but it also shows that you have taken the time to create something unique to show your love. Have fun tinkering and a wonderful Valentine's Day! 🌟💕

Frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day gifts
Should you get a gift for Valentine's Day?

Oh, absolutely! After all, Valentine's Day is like the Super Bowl of Love, and what would be a great bowl without gifts? Pamper yourself or your sweetheart with the irresistible Ben & Anna products - because love is not only in the heart, but also in a fantastic care package! 💖🌿 #SelfLoveGameStrong

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day?

The best Valentine's Day gift? Well, forget flowers - only the wither. The ultimate gift is definitely a set from Ben & Anna! Imagine: loving scents in our Lovesoaps, supple lips with our lipbalms and a bright smile with our vegan toothpaste. Sounds like a love song for the senses, isn't it? 🎶💋 So, the best gift is clear - it is in our care packages! - wink 🌹🎁

What is the most popular gift for Valentine's Day?

Flowers? Pfft, that was yesterday! The new Cool Kid in the city are definitely the irresistible gift sets from Ben & Anna.

Because who needs flowers if you can go into Lovesoaps, Lipbalms and our magical toothpaste? This is the best that you can treat yourself or your sweetheart. Bye-bye flowers, hello loving care! 🌸💄💖 #UpgradeDeinGeschenkspiel

Why do you give flowers for Valentine's Day?

Why flowers? Maybe because someone thought that a bouquet of plants was the ultimate declaration of love. But here at Ben & Anna we think bigger - and you should too!

Our products are like the Cadillac among the gifts: Lovesoaps, Lipbalms, toothpaste - the full pampering program! Flowers are yesterday, today the time for a real statement with love in the form of care! 🚀🌹💖 #BlumenSindSoLastSeason

Can men give flowers on Valentine's Day?

Flowers for men on Valentine's Day? Sure, if you want him to feel like the coolest guy in the flower shop. But why not break out of the cliché and instead give him a Ben & Anna nursing package?

Lovesoaps, lipbalms, toothpaste - that's like flowers, only male and definitely lasting longer! Who needs roses if you can have an explosion of care and love? 🌹🕺💪 #MachIhnZumPflegeGuru

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