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Discover the Vegan toothpaste by Ben & Anna, who not only does good your teeth, but also our environment. With her sustainable formula, free of questionable ingredients, she unfolds her superpowers for the health of your teeth and a radiant smile! Try the unusual ones too Flavors How Cinnamon, Black, coconut, Wild Berry and Orange. Very natural, with or without fluoride, she ensures White teeth And a bright smile.

Peta Approved Zahnpasta Ben&Anna DEOCREME

Environmentally friendly packaging and natural ingredients

Environmentally friendly toothpaste

The Environmentally friendly packaging of toothpaste At Ben & Anna, sustainability relies.

Instead of conventional plastic, the company relies on materials such as glass and recyclable aluminum. This Environmentally friendly packaging optionN contribute to reducing plastic consumption and minimizing ecological footprint.

Frequently asked questions about Ben & Anna Zahnpasta
Which Ben & Anna toothpaste is the best for white teeth?

Ben & Anna Natural cosmetics offers different toothpastes that brighten the teeth sustainably. However, the top seller and the most popular with customers is that Ben & Anna toothpaste in a glass of white with fluoride. It has a particularly effective effect against tooth discoloration and is still 100% natural. Natural pineapple extract solves discoloration gently and gently.

Is Ben & Anna toothpaste without fluoride?

Ben & Anna toothpaste is available with and without fluoride, according to feelings and taste. 100% natural ingredients are always included, such as healing earth, aloe vera and mint.

Which children's toothpaste is the best eco test?

Information on current eco tests can change. It is advisable to check the latest test results. Many parents trust them Ben & Anna toothpaste in a glass for children Strawberry. It is important for children that products are 100% natural. The Ben & Anna toothpaste in a glass for children with Strawberry naturally cleans with strawberry taste and nourishing aloe vera.

Which toothpaste is the best without fluoride?

Ben & Anna offers several fluoride -free toothpastes. The is particularly popular Ben & Anna toothpaste in the glass of white. Many customers emphasize the cleaning and nourishing effect without fluorides. The Black variant of Ben & Anna also convinces without fluoring.

Where can I buy Ben & Anna toothpaste?

Ben & Anna Zahnpasta is available in many shops, including Müller, because's organic market and various unpacked shops. The entire range is available www.ben-anna.de. For precise availability you can also use Ben & Anna Store to use.

When to the toothpaste without fluoride?

The decision to use toothpaste without fluoride can be made individually. Some people prefer fluoride -free toothpaste for various reasons, including personal preferences or health concerns.

Which toothpaste is the best for sensitive teeth?

Ben & Anna also offers a sensitive toothpaste that is specially formulated for sensitive teeth. This contains ingredients such as chamomile to protect teeth and gums.

What is healthier, toothpaste with or without fluoride?

The question of whether toothpaste is healthier with or without fluoride is controversial. Fluoride has proven caries -preventive properties, but some people prefer fluoride -free toothpaste for personal reasons. It is advisable to discuss this with a dentist to make the best choice for individual needs.

gegen Tierversuche. Zahnpasta Ben& Anna

Against animal experiments

Wir verwenden nur natürliche Duftstoffe für unsere Zahnpasta

Natural fragrances

Unsere Zahnpasta ist microplastikfrei

No microplasty

Bei Ben&Anna handelt es sich um 100% Naturkosmetik

100% certified natural cosmetics

Ben&Anna ist frei von PARABENE & PHTHALATEN

No parabens & phthalates

Ben&Anna Zahnpasta ist vegan