Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride
Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride
Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride
Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride

Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride

3,99 €
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5,32 €per 100ml
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Our tropical toothpaste with coconut taste With the miracle cure cocos oil to clean your teeth.

Coconus has strong antibacterial properties, the ability to To slow tooth decay, is gently to the tooth enamel and relieves inflammation. So a real miracle cure for your oral hygiene. We rely on cleaning with sodium fluoride (1450 ppm f⁻).

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Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride

Toothpaste tube - Coco Mania with fluoride

3,99 €
Unit price
5,32 €per 100ml

Natural taste, sustainable care

Unique taste

Discover more than just toothpaste - Our environmentally friendly aluminum packaging not only protects your mouth, but also the earth by infinite recycling.

Choose from six flavors, from Spearmint to Wild Berry, and not only enjoy the good taste, but also effective cleaning and care. Simply in the application of how you are used to.


Aqua (water), hydrated silica, glycerin, hydrogenated star hydrolyzate, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, erythritol, lauryl glucoside, aroma (fragrance), alcohol, xanthan fluoride, citric acid, cocos nuconut) oil, stevia rebaUdian A extract , Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.


Put a small amount on the toothbrush and clean thoroughly as usual for about 2 minutes. Don't swallow!

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Is aluminum safe in toothpaste tubes?

Yes, aluminum is safe for use in toothpaste tubes. It is an extremely durable and durable material that is also used for many other packaging such as beverage cans and food containers.

How sustainable is the use of aluminum tubes for toothpaste?

The use of aluminum tubes for toothpaste is sustainable because aluminum can be recycled infinitely.
We use a high proportion of recycled aluminum for the production of our tubes.

Can I recycle the aluminum tubes?

Yes, you can recycle the aluminum tubes. Aluminum is a very valuable raw material that can be recycled 100%.
We recommend that you throw the tubes into the recycling container after use.

Is the toothpaste suitable for vegans?

Yes, our toothpaste is suitable for vegans. We do not use animal ingredients in our products.

How long does a tube of toothpaste last?

A tube toothpaste should last about 4-6 weeks depending on the frequency of use.
We recommend that you properly close the tube after use to ensure a long shelf life.

Is the toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth?

Yes, our toothpaste is also suitable for sensitive teeth.
We use gentle ingredients that gently clean and protect your teeth.

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