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Deodorant paper tubes: when the scent comes out of the tube with lasting effect

Deo-Papertubes: Wenn der Duft nachhaltig aus der Tube kommt

Fresh ideas are currently particularly in demand with regard to climate change. That's why we actively use our deodorant paper tubes to avoid waste and use plastic-free and vegan products, which together with you at BEN & ANNA put us on the right track. One of our goals is „Zero waste" in the bathroom - and how about you...?

Reliably protect you and our environment
But we don't just want to set new standards in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of body care. For this reason we have expanded our deodorant collection with six new paper tubes. Fresh in fragrance, colorful in presentation and, as usual, sustainable in a plastic-free packaging, you can completely trust your individual favorite fragrance. Just like the fact that you use 100% vegan, certified natural cosmetics, free from questionable ingredients or even additives that are harmful to health. Because in nature there is actually "always a herb" that protects you reliably against unpleasant odors or sweat. For this we rely on a combination of natural baking soda with shea butter, vegetable oils and the natural scents of essential oils.

Why our vegan deodorants are completely natural
While the baking soda is naturally effective at reducing germs and bacteria, the shea butter and vegetable oils ensure a healthy level of skin care. And we get the fresh scent from natural scents of essential oils. In our new collection you can choose from natural fragrances based on Mint, Coco Mania, Persian Lime or Pink Grapefruit. Or you can rely on a healthy mix like Green Fusion or Urban Black. What's your favorite scent? Rather happy and fresh, spicy to aromatic or rather extravagant, from tropical to woody-strong? In any case, you will learn to love our new fragrances from the deodorant paper tubes!

What works better, we do that of course!
Of course, our approach remains to always make our products a little bit better. We try a lot and now have an improved and even creamier recipe to offer. This not only feels even better, but will also save you a few crumbs in the bathroom in the future. We have also optimized the handling. Thanks to the new sliding technology, the contents can be pushed up more easily and can therefore be used better in the deodorant paper tube.

What we at BEN & ANNA consciously do not want to change are our principles and our philosophy: Working together to make an ever more sustainable contribution to a healthere lifestyle that is as vegan as possible, as well as to a cleaner environment. Of course we try to give everything for that! experience here more about "Zero waste" and a plastic-free future!

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