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100% plastic -free

Product description

The new BEN&ANNA soap bag is simple and small

  • perfect for soap scum
  • from hemp fibers
  • facilitates frothing
  • plastikfrei

The new BEN&ANNA soap bag is simple and small – a real all-rounder. It holds a piece of Love Soap and ensures that the Love Soap can be hung up in it and thus dried optimally.

It can also be filled with soap residues, which are usually in soap dishes or get stuck in the dish and are no longer really suitable for washing due to their small size, but are too good to throw away.

In addition, the BEN&ANNA soap bag is ideal for showering and lathering up, because the Love Soaps foam up perfectly in the bag. The sisal structure of the bag also exfoliates the skin when showering and removes dead skin cells. 


Sturdy shower shampoo on damp hair or foam on the skin, massage in (hair) and rinse or rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner: Foam with water in your hands or directly into the moist hair
Massage. Let it take effect briefly and rinse thoroughly.

Now New!

Your love soaps now have a home

And not only in your bathroom, but in the specially intended Love's soap shell. So you not only always have your soaps perfectly at hand, but they can also dry hygienically after use. The shell is the perfect addition in your bathroom. 
The Love Soap bowl is made of bamboo. 

Perfect for transport

The perfect addition to every love soap

The new Ben & Anna Seifenbäckchen is simple and small - a true all -rounder. It holds a piece of love soap and ensures that the LOVE soap hung in it and can therefore be dried optimally. The Ben & Anna Seifenbäckchen not only serves the optimal storage, but can also be used during the "washing process". Pack the soap in the bag, tie it well, moisten and knead with lukewarm water. By friction on the fibers of Ben & Anna soap bags, the soap foams better and is easier to distribute.

gegen Tierversuche. Zahnpasta Ben& Anna

Against animal experiments

Wir verwenden nur natürliche Duftstoffe für unsere Zahnpasta

Natural fragrances

Unsere Zahnpasta ist microplastikfrei

No microplasty

Bei Ben&Anna handelt es sich um 100% Naturkosmetik

100% certified natural cosmetics

Ben&Anna ist frei von PARABENE & PHTHALATEN

No parabens & phthalates

Ben&Anna Zahnpasta ist vegan


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