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Actively create a clean and plastic-free environment

Eine saubere und plastikfreie Umwelt aktiv gestalten
About 8 million tons of garbage end up in the world's oceans every year. Of those 8 million tons, about 75% is plastic. To date, well over 140 million tons are in the oceans around the world. According to a UN study, by 2050 at the latest, the weight of plastic in the seas will exceed the total weight of all fish. Every year tens of thousands of animals die from plastic waste caused by humans.
And plastic waste in the sea does not simply disappear, no, because the waste has a residence time of up to 450 years. The longer plastic floats in the seas, the smaller plastic parts, so-called microplastics, are formed due to friction, salt water, etc. As a result, the shredded plastic can spread everywhere and can no longer be removed. Finally, the microplastics also end up in our food chain, e.g. through the ingestion of fish.
This cannot and must not go on like this. What only a few know, we all can and must do something against the plastic madness and we must act now.
If possible, avoid plastic bags, plastic packaging and disposable plastic items. In order to enable recycling, it is necessary that the waste is properly separated. Avoid cosmetics with microplastic particles. Ideally, avoid cosmetics that are sold in plastic packaging. Participate in local garbage collection campaigns. Many cities and municipalities call for a garbage collection campaign from time to time. If you take part, you are not only doing something good for your conscience, you are also freeing the annoying plastic waste from your direct environment at the same time.
We also try to make a small contribution with our deodorants in packaging made of FSC-certified paper and very much hope that a general rethinking of the senseless waste of plastic will take place as soon as possible.


A wonderful project that we support and would like to present briefly below is the environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V.

One Earth - One Ocean e.V. from Garching near Munich pursues the major goal of freeing waters worldwide from plastic waste, oil and chemicals. The multi-stage concept of "Maritime Garbage Disposal" envisages collecting plastic garbage from waterways around the world with special garbage collection ships and then recycling or disposing of it. to convert into oil. The garbage is collected in net containers that are attached under the garbage chute ship. The first prototypes of small ships - the sea hamsters - about three meters long and two meters wide for cleaning inland waters are already in use. In September 2016, the next larger model, the Seekuh, was launched. The ship, also based on the catamaran shape, has a size of 12 x 10 meters. It can be used to clean inland waterways, estuaries and also coastal sections.
If you would also like to support the organization One Earth One Ocean e.V. with a donation, then simply follow this link, where you will find more information:
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