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Ben&Anna goes Startnext!

Ben&Anna goes Startnext!
Man, is that exciting! Ben&Anna's Startnext campaign will start in a few days. But so that we can really take off with our campaign, we need your support. So if you want to support an absolutely unique and ecological project, then you've come to the right place.

Become a part of Ben&Anna and support us with our Startnext campaign

What is Ben&Anna?

Ben&Anna stands for a completely new, vegan deodorant series that is based exclusively on natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. And best of all: With Ben&Anna there is finally a natural deodorant that also keeps what it promises in terms of effectiveness! How it works? Very easily! Using natural baking soda and the power of arrowroot extracts, excess moisture is absorbed and armpits feel dry. Combined with other fresh, fragrant, natural essences, a deodorant series has been created with six different fragrances: Persian Lime, Nordic Timber, Vanilla Orchid, Provence and, brand new, Indian Mandarine and Pink Grapefruit.

Our goals

"We want to make the world a little more vegan," say Ben and Anna, the inventors of the deodorant of the same name, and smile. But not only that. In their project, the young couple is primarily concerned with being able to offer their deodorant as widely as possible in Germany and thus being able to set a real example for health awareness and environmental protection. “Everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy life. In our opinion, this also includes making certified natural cosmetics accessible to everyone. We want to try that with Ben&Anna," explains Ben.
Is Ben&Anna only for vegans? No way! The special thing about the Ben&Anna is primarily that all ingredients are 100% natural. For this reason, it is also very popular with non-vegan people. “What people appreciate is that Ben&Anna works through the power of nature. People just feel comfortable with this type of deodorant because they don't have to worry about the ingredients and their health. That's a tricky subject, especially when it comes to deodorants," says Anna, adding: "With our project, we'd like to give many, many more people that feeling of security."

Dream of the future: A natural deodorant in a natural packaging

A lot should happen with Ben&Anna. If the crowdfunding campaign goes well, the inventor couple wants to go one step further in terms of sustainability and ecology: with natural packaging! "This is our big dream. An absolutely environmentally friendly deodorant, without any plastic," enthuses Anna. But there is still a long way to go and before that happens, a few more tests have to be carried out to find the right material. Nevertheless, the packaging should also be sufficiently resistant.
Totally awesome don't you think? Then Ben&Anna will support you with your Startnext campaign!
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