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Zero waste in the bathroom

Zero-Waste im Badezimmer
Ben & Anna has grown. By growing our products, we decided to supplement our range with other sustainable products. Since mid -May you have been able to move into the first products of our dental care in the recyclable glass. Our deodorant family can also look forward to three innovations. With the sensitive series, sensitive customers can now enjoy our proven effect-without any soda!

New friends for wood toothbrushes.

With a good act in the new day, because environmental protection begins with brushing your teeth!

We have developed a dental care for you that not only contributes to sustainability, but also guarantees a fresh smile.
Our dental care is available in 100ml glass and is equipped with a compostable bamboo filler. The toothpaste is characterized by its pleasant texture, which is in no way inferior to the commercially available, except that it does not require any microplastics.

The fresh taste of the peppermint oil used convinces and lets you start the day. Soothing sea buckthorn and anti-inflammatory chamomile extract have a supporting effect. The calcium contained strengthens your teeth while pebbles polish them and cleans them effectively. Xylit is antibacterial and rounds off the taste through its natural sweetness.
White, black and sensitive are our three variants and only clean your teeth thanks to the power of nature. Our "white" toothpaste helps you to lighten your teeth with a pineapple extract. "Black" cleans with a bamboo activated carbon. For sensitive teeth we developed our sensitive variant with a nourishing aloe vera and sage.
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Avoid soda, but not the effect.

Nowadays our skin has to deal with enough environmental influences. Pollutants almost automatically access our organism. By using Ben & Anna deodorants, you can be sure that you do not leave any harmful or pore -defending substances on your skin. With our new Sensitive series, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Highland Breeze and Lemon & Lime are three fresh alternatives, to our variants based on soda.

The series has been specially developed for sensitive skin and protects it by 100% natural ingredients. We also replaced soda with magnesium to ensure natural protection. Of course, our certified standard is also observed in the new deodorant series and shows our environmentally friendly packaging in a new design.
Whether after shaving, sensitive skin or as a light freshness experience for summer-the sensitive series convinces with three fragrance variants that could not be more different!

Our “Japanese Cherry Blossom” captures the fragrance of Japanese cherry blossoms. This fruity-fresh variant maintains your sensitive skin and offers you familiar reliability.

Do you prefer tart and fresh? Then convince yourself of our new "Highland Breeze". Seasoned rosemary paired with fresh mountain air bring you the extra freshness of nature on the skin. Neither sweet nor bit? Maybe our bicarbonate-free counterpart to Persian Lime will convince you. The light citrus fragrance is perfect for hot summer days.

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