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Ben&Anna: Naturally vegan and without harmful ingredients

Ben&Anna: Natürlich vegan und ohne schädliche Inhaltsstoffe
That does not exist? And does that exist! With Ben&Anna, a deodorant series has finally been developed that is based exclusively on natural, vegan ingredients and is absolutely free of harmful ingredients. It is a deodorant that many people in this country have been waiting for for a long time. But as the saying goes: what takes a long time will finally be good. And so it is!

A natural deodorant that delivers what it promises

It's finally here! And the result is really good. In fact: Ben&Anna stands for a natural deodorant that keeps what it promises. A natural deodorant that is in no way inferior to its competitors, especially when it comes to effectiveness. A real hit and maybe even a small revolution. Because finally the magic formula for sweating is pure nature.
Using a natural deodorant used to be a tricky business for many people in this country. On the one hand, the media kept hearing about controversial ingredients in conventional deodorants, on the other hand, natural deodorants were simply not as effective and sometimes less pleasant to use. Many natural deodorants had to be applied with a small spatula, crumbled, or felt sticky on the skin. That's enough of that. With Ben&Anna there is finally a natural deodorant that is easy to apply, does not crumble, absorbs quickly and also really works. Without any harmful ingredients, but only with the power of nature.
In detail, this means: arrowroot extracts and natural sodium bicarbonate form the active basis of this extraordinary deodorant, whereby sodium bicarbonate is primarily known for its germ-reducing, deodorizing properties. In this way, the moisture can be absorbed and a pleasant drying effect can be achieved on the skin.

Right on trend with Ben&Anna

As far as the current trend in the cosmetics industry is concerned, one thing is particularly important in connection with natural products: Ben&Anna is not only a natural deodorant, but also vegan.
A double plus that makes this natural deodorant really special!
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