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Natürlich geschützt
If you take care of yourself, have a well-groomed appearance and are also open in dealing with other people, it will be easier in everyday life and at work. But what use is well-groomed hair, subtle make-up and a fresh perfume if the deodorant fails and dark spots appear under your arms again? For God's sake! For many people in this country, the idea alone is pure horror. Because if you really pay attention to your personal hygiene, you won't have any sweat spots - or will you? At least one thing is certain: We haven't had a natural relationship with natural sweating for a long time.

KO criterion: effectiveness

No effort is spared to hide the large and small signs of sweating: the spectrum ranges from high-dose antiperspirants to homemade sage tea. While some still rely on conventional deodorants, the health-conscious consumer has long been trying to break new ground: with a balanced diet and a natural deodorant.
When it comes to anti-sweat remedies, the knockout criterion is clearly effectiveness. And most believe that a natural deodorant simply cannot keep up. Wrong thought! A natural deodorant can be just as effective as conventional deodorants. However, if you are planning to switch to a natural deodorant, you should be aware of one thing: patience is required. Because it may be that the body needs time to adjust to the alternative active principle of the natural deodorant. It could take a few weeks for the new deodorant to take full effect.

Why choose a natural deodorant?

For most people, reaching for the deodorant is just as much a part of it as the morning cup of coffee. However, hardly anyone asks what is actually contained in their longtime favorite deodorant, how exactly it works and what the pleasant scent is based on. In fact, many of the ingredients in conventional, non-natural deodorants are highly controversial from a health perspective. Some are even suspected of being carcinogenic. Parabens, synthetic fragrances and various emulsifiers are particularly questionable. You can easily do without them: with a natural deodorant.
A natural deodorant is often based exclusively on natural ingredients and is therefore not harmful to health. Due to the lack of synthetic preservatives, it is often much more skin-friendly than conventional products. While conventional deodorants could repeatedly lead to allergies and intolerances due to their composition, a natural deodorant is gentle on the skin and causes far fewer allergic reactions. A natural deodorant is the better choice, especially in the long term.
But there are even more reasons to take a closer look in the natural cosmetics department the next time you go shopping. And it's worth it! In fact, you don't have to panic if you want to prevent those unpleasant sweat stains on hot summer days or during sports. Even a natural deodorant can do this. If you still want to be absolutely sure, it is best to pay attention to the ingredients arrowroot and baking soda, also known as bicarbonate, when buying. These ensure that the resulting moisture is absorbed and a drying effect is created and the odor is inhibited.
So if you want to do something good for your health, you should definitely try a natural deodorant. Because the fact is: Even a natural deodorant offers effective protection against sweat and odor, you just have to give it some time.
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