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Sustainable deodorant protection with the power of nature

Sustainable deodorant protection with the power of nature

Who does not know it? A new deodorant is needed! Often it is the unexpected circumstance that the deodorant is empty and we go in search of something new. But sometimes it is also the desire for change, a new fragrance or a controversial ingredient that causes a stir again. And so we stand in front of the shelf and let our eyes wander. There's the deodorant the girls used to have in 6th grade. and 7. class all had. And then that from the ad. This seems to be the latest hit among fitness moms. At least I know the design. The inscription says fresh and feminine - as if it were the only deodorant that advertises with these attributes. Honestly, how about something really special? A new formula, maybe a natural deodorant. Something not everyone has!

Spoiled for choice

In fact, finding the right deodorant is not easy. And especially when not only the fragrance and effect, but also the ingredients should convince. A natural deodorant would actually be just the thing! But that's not so easy, because we actually find the same thing almost everywhere on the drugstore shelves: the same brands, the same fragrances, the same ingredients. And, of course, mainly conventional cosmetic products. The demand for natural deodorants is increasing, but so far only a few products have established themselves in drugstores. Finding a really good natural deodorant is not that easy.
There is almost nothing better for your own health than a natural deodorant. When it comes to ingredients, many conventional deodorants are repeatedly subjected to harsh criticism. Not only chemical ingredients, but also parabens and synthetic fragrances regularly cause a stir in this context. In fact, the topic of ingredients has become a long-running issue in many areas of cosmetics in recent years, and so the door finally opened for countless natural cosmetic products, including natural deodorants, creams and shampoos.
The hook? Many natural products often do worse than conventional cosmetic products in comparative tests, so that a large part of the population continues to be critical of natural deodorants. But that need not be! The explanation is very simple: once our body has gotten used to the conventional active principle of our cosmetic products, it takes a while before it has adjusted to the natural deodorant and its formula and reacts to it. So if we switch from a conventional to a natural deodorant, the natural deodorant will most likely never show the same effect as the previous one immediately on the first use. That does not mean, however, that the promised effect is completely absent. We just need a little patience. After all, good things take time!
With Ben&Anna, a unique deodorant series has now been developed that is based exclusively on vegan ingredients of natural origin and also keeps what it promises in terms of effect. The natural deodorant works on the basis of natural baking soda and the power of arrowroot extracts, which ensure a pleasant drying effect. In addition, this natural deodorant impresses with its consistency: In contrast to other natural deodorants, Ben&Anna is super easy to apply, does not crumble and absorbs quickly.
Available in four different fragrance variations, Ben&Anna is also one of the few natural deodorants that can be used by both men and women. So if you don't want to worry about the health of yourself and your loved ones, next time simply choose this really special, natural deodorant from Ben&Anna.

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