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Dental care, state-of-the-art: Our vegan toothbrush tablets

Zahnpflege, neuester Stand: Unsere veganen Zahnputztabletten

Dental care, state-of-the-art: Our vegan toothbrush tablets

Natural tooth brushing is trendy. On the one hand, this means giving up a lot. On the other hand, however, exactly the active ingredients that ensure a healthy smile must be used. With our new and vegan dental care tablets, we have therefore made sure to combine both requirements in one product in a natural way. We have dispensed with unnecessary, questionable or even harmful ingredients. Our dental care tablets are 100% free of microplastics as well as phthalates, peroxides and parabens.

Vegan dental care tablets - the right mix is decisive

But what we don't do without are raw materials and ingredients that are vegan and 100% natural. Because just in nature is versus or for pretty much anything "grown a herb". We tried a lot for our dental care tablets and in the end found the right "mix" that can effectively support your natural dental care and lasting dental health. In addition, with our dental care tablets you can basically choose whether you want an additional fluoride component - or whether you want to deliberately do without it. The fluoride also protects the tooth surface and can even regenerate aching tooth necks.

The natural alternative to conventional dental care

Our toothpaste tablets compress, so to speak, valuable natural active ingredients such as baking soda, yeast and selected plant extracts from acacia and mint. An additional vitamin B12 component can help to to prevent a corresponding deficiency. The use of the dental care tablets is as easy as our compilation is. You only need to chew a tablet in your mouth briefly. Then you brush your teeth with the substance released during the chewing process for about two minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. That's it! You can also further intensify your dental care with our mouthwash tabs. One tablet quickly turns into a refreshing, vegan mouthwash - without alcohol. Valuable active ingredients and plant extracts ensure a lasting antibacterial effect - and you can simply breathe freshly again.

Less waste - make your bathroom plastic free(er)!

We have also dispensed with plastic in the packaging because we consistently want to go the "Less Waste" path with all our products. That is why our dental care tablets are only available in packaging made from FSC-certified paper. Because less (waste) brings more for all of us and sustainably relieves the environment. Less plastic doesn't hurt when you're traveling either - with our compact toothbrush tablets you're perfectly equipped when you're on the go. Make your bathroom plastic-free too!

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