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For a commitment that inspires: Project Wings

Für ein Engagement, das beflügelt: Project Wings

At Ben & Anna we are always looking for natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics, solutions for less plastic waste and for inspiring projects that we can support sustainably.

With Ben & Anna, environmental protection will provide further buoyancy

With “Project Wings” we will support an initiative in the future that convinces us in several ways and also enthusiastically. Experienced from their commitment to various NGOs, young people have now come together in a non-profit organization. Various characters and individual backgrounds have also combined. However, their ambition, their commitment and their primary goal: to make the world more livable together. In view of already existing and impending dangers and threats, a large portion of enthusiasm and an equally visionary and structured approach is needed. Project Wings is a non -profit GmbH based in Koblenz, which invests private donations 100 % in selected projects. These are all approaches and especially people who convince us at Ben & Anna. We are happy to be on board at Project Wings to inspire people for topics such as environmental, animal and species protection or plastic avoidance and recycling.

Indonesian recycling village

Transparency and trust play a major role in Project Wings. The approach is just as important to them to not only realize selected projects as activists for, but above all with people on site. Each project is generally aimed at leaving self -supporting systems, which are then continued by the local people. The innovative idea of ​​designing and building the largest recycling village in the world in Sumatra is currently an example of this. In addition to the sensible use of plastic waste, natural way of life, reforestation or species protection should be specifically promoted.

Support and ideas welcome

Thanks to Project Wings, this creates a variety of ideas and projects that can help us and the environment: Always based on fixed principles and always open to innovative and authentic supporters. Here you can find out more about Project Wings or get yourself. We at Ben & Anna would be happy.

Best regards,
Your Ben & Anna Team

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