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Fluoride in children's toothpaste - the check

Fluorid in Kinderzahnpasta - der Check

Children's toothpaste plays a crucial role in early childhood dental care, and an important part that is often discussed is fluoride. In this article we take a closer look at the advantages and reviews of fluoride in children's toothpaste. Should you use fluoride in children's toothpaste? What role does fluoride play in the development of teeth? Is it also possible without fluoride in children's toothpaste? What risks has fluoride in toothpaste?


The science behind fluoride in children's toothpaste

Fluoride is a natural mineral that has a positive effect on dental health. Numerous German studies show that fluoride reduces the formation of caries and promotes tooth mineralization. It strengthens the enamel and protects against acid attacks caused by bacteria in the mouth. This makes Fluoride an important component in dental care products, especially in children's toothpaste.

German dental organizations, such as the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillopia (DGZMK), also recommend the use of fluoride-containing toothpaste to prevent caries. Applied in the correct quantities, Fluoride offers effective protection against dental problems.

Advantages of fluoride in children's toothpaste:

1. Caries prevention: Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel, which prevents caries from forming.

2. Mineralization: It promotes remineralization of tooth damage by integrating important minerals such as calcium and phosphate into the enamel.

3. Protection before acid: Fluoride forms a protective layer on the teeth that protect against acid attacks caused by bacteria.


Risks of fluoride in toothpaste?

Some critics argue that overexposure against fluoride harbors health risks. However, it is important to emphasize that the amount of fluoride contained in children's toothpastes is safe in accordance with the guidelines of health organizations. Excessive amounts of fluoride can lead to toothfluorosis, but if the recommended amount is observed, negative effects are extremely rare. Careful dosage and surveillance are the key to secure use.


Annisbuntewelt children's toothpaste in the check

The well -known blogger Annisbunte world Recently tested children's toothpastes, including the Ben & Anna Strawberry children's toothpaste in the glass. This received the grade "very good". The results show that children's tooth pastes with fluoride, like Ben & Anna, can convince not only in theory, but also in practice. This underlines the importance of high -quality ingredients in child tooth care.


Fluoride in children's toothpaste is so important

Fluoride in children's toothpaste plays a crucial role in preventing caries and promoting healthy tooth development. Parents should be aware that the use of fluoride -containing toothpaste according to the recommendations of dentists offers effective protection.
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