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Toothpaste in plastic tubes: the hidden environmental problem and sustainable alternative glass and aluminum 🌎

Zahnpasta in Plastiktuben: Das verborgene Umweltproblem und nachhaltige Alternativen Glas und Aluminium 🌎

Why plastic tubes represent an ecological problem 🚫

When it comes to saving the environment and protecting the oceans from plastic waste, we can start in the bathroom with small but effective changes. We explain what plastic has for and how you can simply do without it without missing quality.

First of all to the everyday problem: the use of plastic tubes for toothpaste contributes significantly to environmental pollution. And why?

1. Long dismantling: Plastic needs hundreds of years to dismantle, which leads to a long -term burden on the environment.

2. Pollution of the sea: Plastic often gets into the oceans and threatens marine ecosystems and the health of marine life.

3. Energy -intensive production: The production of plastic requires large amounts of fossil fuels and contributes to the greenhouse gas emission.


Threatening situation for seas, animals and humans 

The WWF warns of the catastrophic effects of plastic consumption. 

Plastic waste is a serious threat to the sea environment. Three quarters of the garbage in the sea are made of plastic, with annual 4.8 to 12.7 million tons, that get into the oceans. This plastic is not only a danger to the wildlife, but also causes considerable environmental impact. The slow decomposition of plastic, which can take hundreds to thousands of years, leads to the formation of Microplastic particlesthat are harmful to humans and potentially for humans. Additives in plastic, such as plasticizers and flame retardants, can get into the human organism through the food chain. Microplastics get into the environment from various sources, including cosmetic products, abrasion from plastic materials and the decay of large plastic parts in the sea.

"The slow decomposition of plastic leads to the formation of microplastics, which not only damages marine life, but also reaches the human organism through the food chain. A rethink and drastic action are  Required to stop the catastrophic effects on our environment. "

How can I just avoid plastic?

In addition, plastic consumption must also be drastically restricted. As an individual, one often wonders: Where can I start? 

In everyday life we ​​can help avoid plastic, especially in bathroomwhere many daily Ease of use often consist of plastic. A simple step is to switch to toothpaste in sustainable packaging. Products in glass or metal tubes offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tubes. When choosing cosmetics and care products, it is helpful to pay attention to products that are in recyclable Othe biodegradable packaging are available. Small changes in our daily habits in the bathroom can make a major contribution to reducing plastic waste and help to minimize environmental pollution.

Climate -neutral alternatives: glass and aluminum as environmentally friendly solutions 🌱

  1. Glass: ♻️ Glass is an environmentally friendly option because it is too 100% recyclable is. It has a lower environmentalG and can be recycled several times without losing quality. Toothpaste in glass packaging is not only sustainable, but also aesthetically appealing. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled without loss of quality. In contrast to plastic, glass does not go with food or products in chemical interactions, which makes it a safe and hygienic option. In addition, there is glass biological degradableshould still get into the environment.

It goes to the toothpastes in the glass here.

  1. Aluminum: 🔄 Aluminum is light and also too 100% recyclable. The aluminum recycling rate is high, which makes it a sustainable choice. ALuminium is a light but robust material that is ideal for toothpaste tubes. It is 100% recyclable and can infinitely recycled become without losing quality. In addition, the production of recycled aluminum requires compared to new production Only about 5% of the energy, Which leads to considerable energy savings.

It goes to the toothpastes in the aluminum tube here.

  1. Conscious consumption: 🌿A conscious consumption of dental care products, The ones rely on sustainable packaging helps to reduce the need for plastic tubes.

Plastic -free cosmetics save yours and our future

Instead of using plastic tubes, we could switch to toothpaste in cool aluminum or glass packaging. It is not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly!

But it doesn't stop brushing your teeth. If you stroll through the corridors of the drugstore, keep an eye out for deodorants, shower gels and shampoos in recyclable packaging or in glass bottles. 

Overall, it is about making conscious decisions and choosing alternatives that do not put any further strain on our seas. Small changes in everyday life can do great things, and together we can combat plastic waste and celebrate the environment! 🌍✨

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