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Sustainable New Year's resolutions for 2024: a green start

Nachhaltige Neujahrsvorsätze für 2024: Ein grüner Start

A fresh start to the year is the perfect opportunity to make conscious decisions and strive for a sustainable lifestyle. At Ben & Anna we firmly believe that small changes can have a big impact. In this article we share some resolutions for the new year, which will not only improve your personal routine, but also our planet.

1. Why Ben & Anna? When it comes to sustainable cosmetics, we are at the forefront at Ben & Anna. Our products are not only vegan, but also free of animal experiments and are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. We are committed to ensuring that our products are the best not only for your skin, but also for the environment.

2. Vegan products as New Year's intentions: A great resolution for 2024 could be deliberately switching to vegan cosmetics. With us you will find a wide range of vegan alternatives, from deodorants to dental care products. The absence of animal ingredients not only contributes to animal welfare, but also reduces the environmental impact of meat and milk production.

3. Reduce plastic waste: At Ben & Anna we are determined to make a contribution to reducing plastic waste. Our products are available in environmentally friendly packaging that do without conventional plastic. By deliberately switching to such products, you help to minimize the consumption of disposable plastic and reduce environmental pollution.

4. Zero-WASTE-BABROUTINE: How about starting in 2024 with a zero-water bath routine? Our environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable products make it easy to put this resolution into practice. From deodorant to the toothpaste, we offer products that are not only effective, but also help to minimize your ecological footprint.

Let's make 2024 a year of change! With Ben & Anna you can not only implement your personal resolutions, but also actively contribute to protecting our environment. Together we shape a sustainable future. Here is a year full of positive changes - for you and our planet!

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